Healthcare Quality Systems

A licensed provider for the American Heart Association.

Patient outcomes improve when hospitals and healthcare providers follow evidence-based best practices to deliver high-quality care. But delivering consistent patient care at the highest level can be challenging and involves coordination between care teams and departments.

Healthcare Quality Systems is a licensed provider of healthcare quality and education services for the American Heart Association in the United Arab Emirates. Working through HQS, the American Heart Association offers a suite of quality improvement programs that work together to help hospitals and health systems continuously meet or exceed high standards of quality care for patients.

These programs offer comprehensive, outcomes-based data collection, analysis and change management processes that, along with AHA partnership, help hospitals elevate patient care and improve outcomes.

Helping healthcare systems and professionals provide the highest quality care to patients and improve outcomes.


Five targeted pathways focus effort to improve care for Atrial Fibrillation, Stroke, Heart Failure, Resuscitation and Coronary Artery Disease patients.

Doctor examining

A whole-hospital approach to improve outcomes for Stroke patients.


Hospital chest pain certification, an integrative and collaborative approach to cardiovascular care for STEMI & NSTEMI patients.


Verify CPR competency and bring a new standard of care to hospitals to improve cardiac arrest patient outcomes.


Digital eBooks, videos & instructor materials for classroom & blended learning.

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Healthcare Quality Systems L.L.C. is a licensed provider of healthcare quality and education services for the American Heart Association.